Ball Aluminum Cups

Ball Aluminum Cups

Ball and KSE will champion greater use of infinitely recyclable aluminum beverage packaging and give consumers confidence that their beverage containers will be successfully recycled and reused.

This partnership is about making aluminum recycling fun and easy for fans.

Ball and KSE know that fans are excited about sustainable alternatives to plastic, and we want to make these options a reality in everyday life, both at these venues and at home.

Ball and KSE want to inspire fans who visit these three venues to have important conversations about sustainability with their friends and families – recognizing the powerful impact that choosing infinitely recyclable beverage packaging can have on their communities and the planet.

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“We’re thrilled about this new chapter for ‘Ball Arena.’ Bringing the Ball name to the venue is an exciting moment for both hometown companies and reflects our steadfast commitment to continue to do better – for our teams, for our community and for our planet.”

-John Hayes, Ball's Chairman, President and CEO

Real Circularity

Real Circularity

Choose aluminum cans, cups and bottles – we can do right by the planet and ensure that aluminum recycling is easy for consumers, employees and teams.

This partnership is focused on shifting from plastic beverage packaging to infinitely recyclable aluminum cans, cups and bottles.

The Recycling Revolution

Aluminum beverage packaging is infinitely recyclable and designed for circularity:

  • 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today

  • With a global recycling rate of 69%, aluminum beverage containers are the most recycled beverage package in the world

  • Aluminum cans, cups, and bottles can be used, collected, recycled and put back on a store shelf in 60 days.

75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

Once recycled, the aluminum in cans and cups can return to market as a new can or cup in just 60 days.
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Baled aluminum after being recycled

Getting Serious About Recycling (CNBC)

A recent EPA report confirmed that only 25% of waste in the U.S. is actually being recycled, and most is downcycled into lower value products that ultimately end up in landfills or worse. Focusing more on product design and real recycling would be a big help.
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