Rapid & Affordable

Rapid & Affordable

Hybrid Architecture Solutions

The space market is continually evolving. With a renewed desire for faster technology refresh and more affordable solutions, it is imperative to minimize non-recurring engineering to efficiently defend against developing threats. Ball Aerospace is responding by investing in agile capabilities, such as modular solutions, to accelerate speed and delivery of innovative technology solutions. Agile integration of space architectures will provide affordable, strategic advantages for both commercial domains and the warfighter. 

Ball has a deep heritage of designing and building high performance satellites, instruments and mission applications for defense and civil markets. We are combining this proven expertise with modern tools and processes, allowing for accelerated development timelines and mission operations.

Agile solutions enable our customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most. As the market and threats continue to evolve, we are supporting the architectures of the future driven by speed, resilience and seamless integration to provide strategic technological advantages across commercial and warfighting domains.

Agile Space

In the News

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Processing on the Edge

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